The main objective of the establishment of the college is to enhance the quality and level of education in the city by providing an ideal teaching and training environment in a peaceful manner.  

“To teach is to touch the soul forever” means whatever the student gets from college it becomes the part of his life style. Therefore they as well as the teacher should be totally devoted to their mission i.e. education. Keeping this message in mind we are trying to provide quality education and educational facilities to the students which they may not get anywhere in Bhopal because “ Right direction, hard work and confidence is the key to success”.

          Therefore the student should keep it in mind that the “Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” therefore it is for the students also that once they take admission and become the students of the college they should become the students also that once they take admission and become the students of the college they should be engaged in no other work for them but be fully devoted to studies only, and not to be involved in any unwanted activities as it is usually seen amount the students nowadays. They students of the college they “It is easy to build but very difficult to rebuild”. It is also for the parents that they should know that their duty is not only to send their wards to the college but also to get time to tome information about the studies of their wards from the college also, only then we can lead the students towards the future and make them good citizens.

Dr Shankar dayal  Sharma  Smriti Mahavidyalaya was established by Kamleshwar yuvak Evam Samaj Kalyan Samiti Bhopal: a registered NGO under Registration of society act 1973 (No 44) of Madhya Pradesh. The College is recognized by the National council for teacher education ,New Delhi and MP. Higher Education is affiliated  to barkatullah University, Bhopal.

Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma College pioneers the best and most distinctive education available. Our main concern is ensuring that the personal development of the students takes place in an educational environment which reinforces the traditional values of our society. In keeping with this ethos, a scholarship and bursary system has been established allowing gifted students to develop their talents.